It’s Time for Watermelons!

With the new growth of chard and cabbage this week, we are now welcoming the first harvest of our red peppers, tomatoes, and watermelons! With the crazy rain as a surprise to Illinois, so far it looks like our crops are holding down just fine. Our farmers were able to pick the beets and carrots early to boost their survival. Otherwise, all is well here at The Dreamcatcher Farm!


Save the Date: Halloween Farm Fun Adventure

Bring your friends and family and visit our farm on Sunday, October 29 from 11 am – 5 pm. Grab the opportunity to tour the crop fields, learn how we grow our fall vegetables, pick your own pumping, and enjoy the October festivities. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming exciting event!


Seems like Summer’s Not Over Yet!

Watermelons are growing now more than they have all season long. With the variety of fresh flavor, we are excited to harvest these delicious melons. Just be sure to handle it gently to prevent any cracks. We aim to provide perfect melons to our consumers fresh and easy. Don’t forget to put those melons in the fridge for best taste!


It’s Fall-Winter Transition Week on the Farm!

We’re finally transitioning out our end-summer crops into our late plantings, which means that our green beans and peppers will be here soon! As we say goodbye to the sweet corn until next fall, stay tuned for what fresh produce will soon be available next!


Potatoes Have Finally Arrived!

At The Dreamcatcher Farm, we grow dozens of different potatoes, but there is one thing in common: all are rich in flavor and freshly dug for our local community. Our red Norland variety cooks quickly since they are full of moisture so don’t peel them! Enjoy and let us know your favorite potato dishes!


Stay tuned for more stories and news about what our monthly events and what we do around The Dreamcatcher Farm.