About Us

The Dream Catcher Farm is a small, diverse farm that is committed to providing healthy, organic produce to the local community of Illinois, USA.

Established in 1998, we are now one of the major local producers of organic high-value herbs, fruit, and vegetables to our local region. Our small farm produces quality organic eggs, chickens, and pork. We offer healthy options for those who wish to enjoy a longer, healthier lifestyle.

Nestled in the foothills of Illinois, The Dream Catcher Farm is the premier agri-tourism destination for organic produce. We strive to provide the best product as healthy food is our goal. We provide nutrient dense food items as we treat our farm as a living organism to create a balance of what we take and what we give back to the ground.

As an accredited farm, we also provide workshops for those who wish to learn more about sustainable farming. We hope to inspire more families and individuals to lead a healthy future with sustainable living.

We invite you to visit The Dream Catcher Farm as everyone is welcome to come and experience the farm.