5 Benefits of the Farm-to-Table Movement

With more local farms partnering with the community diners, residents can enjoy a variety of benefits that come with the farm-to-table movement. While local food being more healthy and nutritious is common knowledge, we will explore the additional benefits to eating locally grown items.

Here are 5 benefits to the farm-to-table movement.

Locally grown food is more nutritious than export

Since local produce doesn’t have to be shipped to long distance areas, it is often fresh, tasty, and healthy. Did you know that the average travel for fruits and vegetables are nearly 1,500 miles before they are sold? To help prevent the food from going bad, some must be picked before they are completed ripen and provide fewer nutrients than those that are picked fresh. While the travel allows producing to give consumers access to fresh produce, the food will lack nutrients than if it were to ripen before being picked and sold.

Local farms benefit from local consumers

Due to a large amount of produce being shipped, local farms don’t always benefit from the sale of the food. However, purchasing food from local farms will help improve the economic lifespan of small farms.

Local farm to table movement is growing every day

While restaurants are popularly known to accept the new movement, the idea is also being used in schools and cafeterias across the nation. This means communities can support small local farms by gaining regular business and giving healthy locally grown food items to students in return.

Farm-to-table eating offers a variety of options

When it comes to local food, farm-to-table offerings aren’t just about fruits and vegetables. This includes any type of food in season. From fresh meats, cheese, nuts, dairy products, and even baked items.

Local farming is better for the planet

Not only is local produce great for your health, it also improves the environment.  For instance, transporting produce will require about 500 gallons of fuel needed to transfer items 1,500 miles to their next destination.

Do you enjoy eating local produce? Do you shop at your local farm? Comment below and share your experiences with us!

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