Local and Organic Produce

  • Over 100 different varieties of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock
    Over 100 different varieties of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock
  • Your premier agri-tourism destination for organic produce
    Your premier agri-tourism destination for organic produce

We invite you to visit The Dream Catcher Farm, come and experience the farm with your friends and family!




We grow over 100 different varieties of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock on 10 acres

Here at The Dream Catcher Farm, our crew of farmers is committed to providing the necessary skills that are needed to reduce the local community’s dependence on imported food items. Our farm works to become a self-sufficient organism where we rely on the resources of sunlight, quality soil, and clean water to create a healthy compost where our fruits, vegetables, and livestock and thrive.

Through proper care and management, we strive to reduce and ultimately eliminate the need for exports. Our mission here at The Dream Catcher Farm is to build a nutrient-rich soil that is well-balanced and full of life. We restore the quality of soil using a variety of traditions, techniques, and technology that includes natural farming, biodynamics, compost, and restorative agriculture.

The Dream Catcher Farm uses the tools that we find necessary and will benefit our green manures, crop rotation, compost development, crops, and the future of farming in Illinois, USA. Our organic approach to addressing the pests and weeds is through natural remedies that we make with the use of holistic ingredients such as chili, neem, etc.

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The Dream Catcher Farm is a diverse, local family farm that is located in Illinois, USA. All crops we produce are locally distributed within 100 miles of the farm to local restaurants, farmers markets, schools, and our local farm store on site.

The Dream Catcher Farm was founded in 1998, with a dedication to providing quality produce and the involvement in the revival of small farming. We strive to maintain our sustainable methods that maintain the quality of our food in a healthy farm ecosystem.

Healthy living starts with knowing where your food comes from. Eating all the right kinds of food will help you maintain a holistic lifestyle. Visit us and take your pick from a wide range of options fresh from our farm.

Educational Tours

We invite you to come visit us and explore the opportunity to witness local agriculture in action. To experience where food is grown, we provide a thorough step-by-step guide on how it is grown, picked, and delivered to local markets. Our farms are happy to provide you with a farm tour that fits the focus of your group, whether it be vegetable production, health management, livestock, or watersheds.


The Dream Catcher Farm presents an afternoon filled with learning, tasting, practice, and curiosity through our variety of workshops. Here you can explore the opportunities to experience how we work with the seasons to gather fresh organic produce straight from the farm to your table.

Visit us at the local Farmer’s market

Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, we provide our freshly picked produce to sell at the local farmer’s market in Illinois. If you value eating local, fresh, organic produce grown by The Dream Catcher Farm, then we invite you to visit us on site or at the local farmer’s market.